THE GHOST MAP – A Site Specific Horror.

The Ghost Map film posterIn a TV studio in London’s Soho district a film about Dr John Snow and his part in the cholera epidemic of 1856 is nearing completion. As filming wraps for the day the husband and wife team producing the doc are left to clear up. Slowly as night falls the past they have been investigating starts to reveal itself leading to a horrifying conclusion.

The Ghost Map is to be shot in the real Soho TV studio that is on Dr John Snow’s  Ghost Map. A number of the victims bodies are marked exactly where the studio stands.

THE JUSTIFIED – A Serial Killer Drama.

The Justified film posterA journalist working on a serial killer case discovers that the cop heading up the investigation has covered up a past crime involving a young nurse in a care home committing mercy killings. A key witness disappeared and evidence went missing.

Soon after the case was dropped the cop and the nurse got married.

When a new series of murders occurs both cop and journalist start to suspect that the cop’s teenage eco-activist daughter might be the serial killer.

THE COMPLICIT – An Eco Thriller.

The Complicit film posterA modern day thriller set around an eco commune in rural Cornwall. A GM crop attack goes wrong and sets off a series of events that turns Rob’s world view upside down, testing his loyalty to his family, his community, and forcing him to take action where doing the right thing may not be enough.

A story of deception, betrayal & false identities.

THE DARK SIDE – A Near Future Dystopian Sci Fi

The Dark Side film posterWhen the head of a large tech company wakes to find himself on what appears to be a penal colony on the moon, his day gets a lot worst when he sees on TV his own death. A live press launch of his companies new health nanobot system is interrupted by a lone gunman appearing to kill the CEO as he is announcing the revolutionary product.