The Warehouse feature film

Our award winning feature film The Warehouse is now available on Youtube.

We won Best Director at the Southampton International Film Festival and screened at the Berlin Independent film festival.

It played on London Live on the peak viewing slot of Saturday night 9pm and was also ‘Pick of the Day’ in the Evening Standard and it made it on to Apple TV.

A very good run for a very, very microbudget feature that we spent 3 years filming. Read more here about the making of the film.

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Julian Nicholson is starring in Black Hollow Cage and is in the mini series The English.

Angela Dixon is the kick-arse lead in the action film Never Let Go and Adventure Boyz.

Liam Thomas was in the very well received God’s Own Countr and Damned Unitied.

Sam Redford has worked with Kathryn Bigelow twice in K19 The Widowmaker and Oscar winning The Hurt Locker. He is also in The Night Manager and Game of Thrones.


Read more here about the making of the film.

Our Reviews

Matt Gallagher Founder & MD of
“Impressive Debut. Saw a screening of this film recently and thought it to be an impressive debut feature. An unsettling story and well executed with natural performances. Worth watching the film and worth watching the team behind the film for the future.”

John Conroy – director Ross Kemp on Gangs.
“A taut and swirling portrait of betrayal and self-destruction. An ambitious and gripping film.

Sean Kirkegaard – TV Executive.
“I think The Warehouse is a film that heralds real promise. The cramped milieu fills the viewer with a growing sense of unease. A sense of unease that is matched by a sense of critical dissonance caused by the desire to label the film as something we already know. But I would urge the viewer to embrace the dissonance because The Warehouse might just signal the arrival of a new voice in the canon.”


MAKING PLANS – YouTube Comedy Animation Series

Making Plans - thumbnailHaving just turned 50 Nigel has started his own blog (vlog?) to look at how to tackle the big issues that he is now facing in the second half of his life, that’s when his family and friends aren’t getting in the way. From putting on socks to choosing a yoghurt Nigel’s life is changing, and it’s not all good, as they say every silver lining has a cloud.

Watch all 20 episodes here.


Our ShortFilms

NASA & the Space Pen

At the height of the 1960s space race, two young brothers in rapture by space travel rush to become the first to invent a pen that works in zero gravity, the coveted space pen. The film is a family friendly nostalgia trip to Swindon in the late 60’s.

Written and Directed by Matt Taylor

The film has screened at a number of international film festivals including Austin, St Louis, Omaha and the LA and New Orleans International Children’s Film Festivals 2010.

Past and The Present

A short comedy film about the consequences of confusing your psychopathic ex with your wife. Sometimes your past is never that far behind you.

Starring Tim Downie (IMDB) recently seen in Toast of London and Paddington.

Written and Directed by Matt Taylor.


Two incompetent burglars take a break too far in this short comedy based on a chapter from Danny King’s novel The Burglar Diaries. Danny went on to turn the book into a sitcom series for BBC 3 called Thieves like US. He has also written a number of books in the ‘Diaries’ series. This short was made for the £50 quid film Challenge.

Adapted, directed, DOP and edited by Matt Taylor.


A freshly half baked hostage comedy drama.
More incompetent burglars now against incompetent cops in this made for 50 quid one weekend shoot.

Written, directed, Camera, Edited & Catering – Matt Taylor