A Psychological Horror.

We are currently in development on this psychological horror set in London’s Soho, both present day and during the cholera epidemic of 1854. The film highlights the pioneering work of Dr John Snow and the story of the Broadwick water pump.



A Psychological Thriller.
We are currently working with writer Stephen T. Ridley on his new script There’s a Storm Coming.



A story of deception, betrayal & false identities.

Present day. An isolated Cornish village during the build up to the November 5th festivities. More a time of dark Pagan folk traditions rather than fun family Bonfire parties.

ROB has lived in the village all his life. He’s in his mid thirties and runs a local building firm. He has a quiet life, especially after divorcing his childhood sweetheart ANNA, a committed eco activist, three years earlier. They still get on and he gets to see their twin 13 year old daughters as much as he likes, but the main problem is DAVY, her ‘new bloke’. He’s an ex Londoner who works away a lot as a tree surgeon. He’s a bit flash for ROB’s liking but he seems to be a good bloke, so it’s probably more jealousy really, and they’ve been living together nearly three years now so something’s working out for them both.

The village is a pleasant enough place to live, with the only excitement seeming to come from the nearby Eco Community set up and run by the charismatic ALEX, late forties ex London businessman. He’s lived in the village for over 20 years now but some still treat him as an outsider and he does seem a little different from the locals, building his ‘little empire off the grid’.

When TOMMY, ROB’s oldest and best friend, returns from a three year prison sentence ROB’s world begins to get a little more ‘interesting’. TOMMY was convicted for an eco terrorist attack, a raid on a GM crop laboratory that was organised by ALEX, with ANNA and ROB also taking part.

When TOMMY first sets eyes on DAVY he has a bad feeling about him. He can’t place him but he is sure they’ve met before, but TOMMY is soon back in prison, picked up on a London peace march despite doing nothing wrong. ROB goes to the nearest London police station to find out where he has been taken and is surprised to bump into DAVY, ‘sorting out some road closure permits’ for his tree felling work. TOMMY has been taken in on a terrorist charge and isn’t allowed visitors.

Back in the village fellow local SAUL, the old conspiracy theorist of the community, convinces ROB to investigate DAVY and his past, as there’s ‘something not right about him’. ROB draws a blank at first, DAVY doesn’t seem to exist online or have any traceable friends or business contacts, something doesn’t seem right.

While spying on DAVY at ANNA’s farmhouse home ROB has to rescue him from a farm accident. DAVY is pinned to the ground by an upturned quad bike and ROB forces him to reveal the truth about himself before he’ll help. DAVY is an undercover cop. He’s been imbedded in the village for the past 3 years to watch over ALEX as he’s suspected of planning some sort of attack again and ANNA could be involved.

DAVY now forces ROB to help him investigate ALEX and keep his real identity secret. If he tells anyone, especially ANNA, there’s enough evidence on ROB and ANNA’s involvement in their previous GM attack to put them away for a year or two and their two girls into care.

ROB now has go behind the backs of his entire community, especially ANNA, and try to find out the truth about ALEX and the attack. It soon transpires that ALEX is planning a bombing campaign against the CEO of the local GM company, planting a bomb under her car on the evening of November 5th. ANNA is involved but she thinks it’s just a paint attack on the house, spraying it red, but the secret arrival of a known bomb-maker with a supply of Semtex makes the threat very real for ROB.

Set against the backdrop of the weird and sinister events of Bon Fire night in the village ROB has to take action and save the day while exposing ALEX and keeping ANNA out of harms way. DAVY and his police hit squad help capture the bomb-maker and ANNA in a van on a narrow country lane. Meanwhile ROB has trapped ALEX with his own bomb, it explodes, but now it is just a paint bomb, knocking him over and covering him with red paint.

Back in the country lane, with a backdrop of bonfires and wicker effigies burning brightly in the village, DAVY has to reveal his true identity to ANNA. She is totally shocked by this revelation and can’t understand how DAVY could have deceived her about their relationship for 3 years.

She then reveals her secret to DAVY, she is pregnant with his child.



A modern day midlife crisis comedy for all those still searching for their true purpose in life.

NIGEL has just turned 46 and he lives in Swindon, but that’s no the worst of his problems.

NIGEL’s a good bloke. He’s been a good husband to JULES, or he tries to be. He can put up a shelf or two, even fix the washing machine, clear out the garage, cut the grass, what’s next on that list? Oh and the dog needs walking.

NIGEL has been a good Dad to his teenage daughter SIAN, well a good free taxi and ATM service.

NIGEL has been a good son. His Dad lives alone and isn’t well, and he’s getting worst. NIGEL goes round as often as he can considering his Dad is an obstinate senile old git that never stops complaining at the best of times.

NIGEL is a very good brother, mainly in the form of emergency bailout money for his slightly younger fuckwit brother BILLY. Still shagging his way around the clubbing capitals of the world, at his age! Is it Ibiza this year? What is he now, a DJ-club bouncer- hairdresser-drug pushing piss head? I think that’s what he’s got on his CV at the moment.

No NIGEL’s main problem is Netflicks. Well it’s not Netflicks per say but the online form when setting up an account. It’s the age boxes, he’s now in the 46 – 70 box. SEVENTY?

Last week he was in the 18 – 45 box, down with the hip and trendy , party party youngsters. And his brothers Facebook updates don’t help. An endless catalogue of suntanned young lovelies wearing what appears to be three strategically placed eye patches for a bikini, draping themselves all over BILLY. Smug bastard.

Turning 46 wouldn’t be too bad for NIGEL except that things are getting better. His daughter is getting a moped for her next birthday. His Dad is now looking into retirement homes and his brother is coming back to Swindon to get a real job and buy a house.

Now that NIGEL finally has the potential for having sometime to himself he doesn’t really know what he wants to do. Halfway through his life and still no idea what he wants to be, what’s his purpose in life? No big ambition. Not even a small ambition.

NIGEL has a breakdown. Everything seems, pointless, worthless and meaningless. Life becomes a struggle, a struggle to get out of bed, a struggle to get the car in first gear, to get to work, to do any work.

He takes a sabbatical, 3 months on the sick. He goes on the search for The Thing, his purpose. It’s not a huge search and mainly involves checking out the self help section in his local book shop but when his long suffering guitar teacher ANDY uncovers that NIGEL actually has a very good strong singing voice a surprising journey into the world of opera opens up.


But NIGEL doesn’t get very far as his family responsibilities far from going away just take on a new a new form. His Dad gets worst and has to go into a hospice which he then tries to escape from. His brother returns home to help, which has the opposite effect and his daughter keeps running out of petrol on he moped in the early hours many miles from home and his new opera friends do seem to be a group of pretentious stuck up middle class snobs that can’t even take a joke, bastards.

As the date fro his return to work looms NIGEL gets more depressed until a call from ANDY cheers him up a bit. ANDY’s putting on a small gig at NIGEL’s rugby club and wants NIGEL to sing with him.

Then spending more and more time at the hospice with his Dad NIGEL discovers he has a talent for helping people there. An offer of a job comes along.

NIGEL might have found his place in life, helping those that are at the end of theirs.

Ideal cast: Nick Frost as Nigel.



A dystopian sci-fi thriller set on the far side of the moon.

The year is 2063. Inside a small confined and functionally designed spaceship a wall of cryo-tubes glow faintly with a slow heartbeat pulse. Abruptly the doors spring open with a hiss of escaping gas.

Inside the coffin-like spaces 9 sleeping figures can be seen. Slowly they start to wake and struggle to extricate themselves from their cells. All emerge into the cramped cabin looking confused, not knowing where they are, who each other is, or even who they are themselves.

On escaping the small ship they find themselves in a vast hanger-like deserted factory.

Opening a viewing window they are suddenly blasted by intense sunlight reflected off white-grey soil. They are on the far side of the moon.

In a central control room they get a computer screen working and watch a live feed from Earth of a global press conference for a revolutionary nano tech medical system.

To everyones astonishment the two main speakers at the conference are exact doppelgängers for two of their group.

Suddenly from the conference crowd a lone gunman emerges and expertly shoots both the speakers dead. The room erupts in chaos and the broadcast is cut off.

The nine strangers look at each other in shock, not knowing what to make of what they have just seen, or of the situation they now find themselves in.

They break into 3 teams and start to search the vast complex but when 2 people from one team are horribly killed and mutilated they all start to fear that the factory isn’t as deserted as they first thought.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]