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We have now completed the film after 5 years of production and post and so far have screened at two international festivals, Berlin Independent and Southampton International. We also won Best Director at Southampton and it was ‘Pick of the Day’ in the Evening Standard when it screened on London Live back in 2016.

Starring a high profile cast including:

Sam Redford who was also in Game of Thrones, The Night Manager and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Angela Dixon is the kick-arse lead in the action film Never Let Go.

Julian Nicholson is starring in Black Hollow Cage a sci-fi thriller that’s starting to pick up awards on the festival circuit.

Liam Thomas was in the very well received God’s Own Country.


Our Reviews

Matt Gallagher Founder & MD of
“Impressive Debut. Saw a screening of this film recently and thought it to be an impressive debut feature. An unsettling story and well executed with natural performances. Worth watching the film and worth watching the team behind the film for the future.”

John Conroy – director Ross Kemp on Gangs.
“A taut and swirling portrait of betrayal and self-destruction. An ambitious and gripping film.”




GHOST MAP – A Psychological Horror.

I’m currently developing a psychological horror feature film set in London’s Soho, both present day and during the cholera epidemic of 1854. The film highlights the pioneering work of Dr John Snow and the story of the Broadwick Street water pump. A short version is in Pre Production at the moment with filming dates in December this year.



I’m currently writing the script for this modern day thriller set around an eco commune in rural Cornwall. A GM crop attack goes wrong and sets off a series of events that turns Rob’s world view upside down, testing his loyalty to his family, his community, and forcing him to take action where doing the right thing may not be enough.

A story of deception, betrayal & false identities.



MAKING PLANS – Comedy Series

Having just turned 50 Nigel has started his own blog (vlog?) to look at how to tackle the big issues that he is now facing in the second half of his life, that’s when his family and friends aren’t getting in the way. From putting on socks to choosing a yoghurt Nigel’s life is changing, and it’s not all good, as they say every silver lining has a cloud.